24betting app

Enjoying a game at bookmaker 24betting is not only possible on the website. The mobile app allows you to bet anywhere and from handheld devices. To start playing, you need to install the app on your smartphone and then register with the system.

Why does the 24betting operator release a branded app?

Not all bookmakers have branded mobile apps. But 24betting is an exception. The bookmaker offers a legitimate 24betting app. It can be downloaded for free to play from your phone anywhere.

Features of 24betting's smartphone app:

The release of the branded app expands the list of players. Bettors are more actively using gadgets to access games 24/7. Access only from a PC or laptop reduces the mobility of gameplay. Therefore, the operator of 24betting offers to log in to the bookmaker's website even from the phone.

The phone version is just as capable as the desktop version. It is perfectly adapted for smartphone gaming. The 24betting apk has a user-friendly menu and colorful interface. Playing from your phone is just as easy as from your computer. The bettor's chances of winning are not affected by which device he accesses the bookmaker's website.

Which devices the 24betting application can be installed on

Using your phone to access the 24betting website is more convenient than carrying a laptop. That is why the 24betting download and installation of the app are available for many devices. The service may be used by owners of:

You only need to have enough memory on your gadget to install the app and use it. More than 78 MB is required for the 24betting apk download procedure to work correctly. The app is constantly updated, for example, when new tournaments or game slots from licensed developers appear. Therefore, it is recommended that the phone owner has more than 50 MB of additional memory to install the mandatory updates.

You can only make the 24betting app download and then use it if you have a mobile services marketplace. For example, AppStore. Without it, you will not be able to download the software to your phone.

Another prerequisite is an active SIM card belonging to the user. The application itself is free. But to use it after downloading, you need to enter your actual phone number to create a new player page.

Tips before installing the app

Your phone must support downloading the latest version of the app. You can check this by checking the capabilities of the gadget on the manufacturer's website or in the Smartphone Settings. If its version is too old, you will have to use another smartphone. On "older" devices, the 24betting app may load, but it is difficult to guarantee the performance of the service.

An alternative to searching for 24betting in the app shop is to download it from the developer's official website. It is sufficient to follow the link left on the bookmaker's home page and then perform the required actions. If your mobile device has enough memory to download and install the app, you won't have any problems following the link. All that remains is to register in it, top up your balance and start gambling with real money.

Download and installation instructions

The first thing you need to do to download the betting app is to find the actual link to 24betting. If you don't have one, you may type the name of the betting shop in the service market search. After 3 seconds, the current version of BK will appear, and by clicking on it, the application will start its installation on the user's device of choice.

Instructions for downloading and installing the 24betting app:

If all the conditions are fulfilled, all you have to do is click on the download button and wait until the application is downloaded and installed on the new player's phone. There is no need to pay for it. The 24betting service is free as long as you use the software.

Security when downloading the 24betting application

It is important to follow the link to download the mobile application either from the official website or from the marketplace of trusted services. Otherwise, there is a risk of running into bookmakers who pretend to be legitimate 24betting betting companies.

It's easy to check if the app is downloading the right one. If during the downloading process there is no message that you have to pay for using the software, it loads without any delays or the requirement to enter a code or other personal data, then the link chosen is up-to-date.

If you try to take payment before downloading the app or during the process, it is advisable to abort the transaction. Bookmaker 24betting offers a licensed mobile app for free. Any attempts to demand payment while downloading the service means that the player is trying to install the wrong app and the process should be stopped as soon as possible.

8 advantages of the 24betting mobile app

The 24betting mobile app has many advantages:

  1. Available for any smartphone.
  2. Does not weigh more than 78 MB.
  3. Only requires a mobile phone to register.
  4. Completely free of charge.
  5. Loads in 2 minutes.
  6. Can be downloaded through a link or in the app store.
  7. Is the official version of BC, but in a mobile format.
  8. Can be used in the offline version for free games.

Its functionality is as good as the main version, as are the odds, and with them, the winnings at 24betting.

What you can find in 24betting mobile casino

The mobile version of 24betting casino is in no way inferior in its functionality to the one available in the desktop version. At the disposal of players:

At the 24betting mobile casino, players will find entertainment for every budget.

Newcomers are advised to choose services that offer to try their luck without using real money. These are demo games that don't even require registration to explore. Thanks to the free slots, users of the 24betting app can understand the principles of slot machine operation, bonuses, and payoffs. If they are satisfied with the options on offer, they can safely deposit money into their account and play from a real deposit.

There are card game tables where bets start at a minimum of $0.1. They are also designed for those who are just learning poker and other varieties of classic gambling, have a small budget, and are not ready to take immediate risks in the big blinds.

For more experienced users who are used to playing professionally, the application 24betting prepared tables with stakes of 10,000 dollars. The winnings at such gaming rooms exceed $50,000. If they are lucky, players hit the jackpot, which starts at $200,000.

How to deposit and bet on sports through the 24betting app

To play and win on the mobile version of 24betting you need to: download the app, register with it, and make a deposit.

You will need a mobile phone to register. Its number is entered when creating an account through the application. Then the player specifies the currency, full name, age, and address and agrees to the processing of personal data. After entering the information it remains to apply the code sent in the SMS to confirm the page, and then - choose the method of deposit.

You can replenish your account by

The choice of method depends on the player. The fastest way to get money to your account is by depositing from your e-wallet, within 3 minutes. Fees start at 0% and depend on the service you choose.  

To deposit money you need: to select the method of deposit, the amount, and the account to be credited (ID in the casino 24betting). Further - to confirm the operation. Use a mobile phone, which is tied to the selected card/wallet.

When the money is debited from the account, it remains to wait until it is credited to the player's deposit. If the money is not received within a day, you are advised to contact the customer service of the bank which is responsible for the transfer in the selected service.

After receiving the money, all you have to do is to choose a sporting event to bet on. It is enough to enter the section "Sports betting", select the type of sport, event type and activate the coupon. The bet is active after the player has entered the sum into the slip and pressed the button "Confirm". Then the account will be debited with the payment of the coupon. The result of the game will be known at the end of the half/match/tournament.