24betting crazy time

Crazy Time is a classic live dealer gambling game. Its advantage is the unpredictable nature of the gameplay. The game process resembles roulette. It all depends on the excitement and success of the user. To play and win at Crazy Time, just learn the rules of the game.

How do I play Crazy Time?

To play Crazy Time, you need to find a link to enter the game. It is also available on the site of licensed online casinos, as well as from Evolution, the service's developer.

Playing 24betting Crazy Time is not difficult. The player has to bet on one of the four numbers on the reel. These are 1,2, 5, or 10. The numbers represent multipliers. When the arrow falls on the value the player has chosen for his bet, its amount is multiplied by it.

In addition, there is an additional multiplier. It is called Top Slot. If a player guesses where the roulette ball will fall, then they will also be credited with the bonus amount written on the scoreboard. Its size is unlimited.

Apart from the numbers, the roulette can point, and the reel can point to one of the special fields. These are called specials. Roulette does not always play into the user's hands, so the bonus fields, which allow you to get the main winnings, fall out at about 1:25.

Secrets of a successful game:

Among the extra bonuses is the DOUBLE function. It automatically doubles any bet.

Crazy Time features

Crazy Time is a game played live. Broadcast online on the device from which the user enters the site. Therefore, it creates a feeling of 100% participation in the process, as in real life.

Winning at Crazy Time is easy. The RTP is 96.08%. These are high percentages due to the volatility of roulette. The prize money is not limited. The maximum for a single spin of the reel player can get up to 1000000 Indian rupees.

There are no limits to the game: it is up to the Crazy Roulette player to decide when to stop betting. The bet is placed before the host spins the reel. Once a bet has been made, all you have to do is wait to see where the roulette wheel takes you. This takes no more than 1 minute. The total game time can be increased if the ball lands on a sector with extra bonuses - top slots - while spinning the reel.

In addition to hitting 100,000 in bets, it is also possible to win 10,000 times that amount in a Crazy Time game. This is called the super jackpot. If a player bets on 10, the biggest multiplier, and made a bet of $100, which is the maximum bet, if all the circumstances are right, their bet can be multiplied 10,000 times. This is considered a super bonus.

The chance of winning a super bonus is 1:10000000. But sometimes it can even fall to beginners. The main thing is to bet big, to keep an eye on the falling out numerical values.

Experienced players who repeatedly won in Crazy Time and took at least 200000 INR, advise keeping a diary. In it, they record the fallen bets. The number of possible combinations exceeds 10000 values, taking into account the multipliers, which the roulette shows. Of course, the odds of losing are there. But the high RTP allows players to beat roulette in 9 out of 10 cases and collect their winnings.