Dream League Soccer Kit (ALL DLS Logos & Kits)

Download and Import Dream League Soccer Kits 2018-2019 and 512×512 logos of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Juventus, Man and many more.

We are providing The Official Dream League Soccer Kits for every team. In the dream league soccer, you can pick any player you want to pick, the uniform, the dream league soccer kit, name of the team, stadium and many more.

Be that as it may, what you ought to do to Change the Team and to get the DLS most recent KITS and the most recent LOGO? For that, you should utilize the URL of that particular LOGO and explicit group’s KIT. In this article, we are giving the URL of all KIT’S and LOGO’S of every single group. So select your group’s URL and get their kit and logo’s. The good thing is now you can get Dream League Soccer mod apk ios.

How to change the Dream League Soccer Kit?


Some of the time you may not happy with your most favourite team uniform or kit, it could be shoes, it could be logos, it could be anything which is identifying with your DLS team. So at those awkward occasions, you would think to change your group’s packs and logos everything.

Dream League Soccer Kit

So you just need to follow these steps and it will give you the right solution of your all problems to for to change your kit, shoes, logos, Players and furthermore Edit Kit Colors everything that you need to manage your team.

  • Fiers of all, to start our procedure you need to start the Dream League Soccer Mod Apk.
  • You’ll see the option “Team Management” click on it.
  • Here you’ll get the many options to change the kit like “Player Development,  Customise Team, Dream FC Stadium, Objective and training, and statics.

  • From those different choices, you need to click on the “Customise Team”
  • When you click on the customise team, you’ll see some options that will directly lead you to change the kit like  Edit Team Name, Edit kit, Edit team player etc.