24betting monopoly

Not too long ago, in 2019, users of Evolution Gaming's popular online casino software, which is registered and has its main operations overseas, saw a new pastime in the palette of games on offer - the Monopoly Live game. Users quickly became convinced that the name did not deceive them, and the game was indeed based on the legendary board game Monopoly. The game of chance quickly gained traction and is now one of the most popular slot machines in this casino.

What you need to know about Monopoly at 24betting

Despite the name, Monopoly repeats the board game only in outline. The backbone of the entertainment, however, is the old Dream Catcher roulette machine from the provider Hasbro. It was in cooperation with him that the owners of Evolution Gaming casino created the new project.

The functional basis of the game is a drum, the launch of which initiates the master. It rotates in the background of locations from the original game. It is important to note that the game can only be played by a real professional person, and you can only find the reviewed machine in the Live section of the official casino website. For the same reason, in gambling "Monopoly" you can't make a save from a demo account - only real money is accepted.

The game has the following advantages:

In the first, main, round, all participants bet on a single reel field, trying to guess which field will fall out after the rotation. Each number on the reel means a multiplier by which the bet amount will be multiplied in case of winning. For example, on a roll of one the player will go to zero, on a double his winnings will be doubled.

It is also possible to make a bet on the Chance field. If it plays, the player gets either a random cash prize or an increased multiplier for the next round, which, however, still has to play.

There are two more interesting fields on the reel - 2Rolls and 4Rolls. It is their role that triggers all players to move on to the next round, which is a 3D visualization of the famous board game "Monopoly". Players move around the field controlling the Mr. Monopoly action figure, collecting various goodies - bonuses, money, and more.

Only players who have wagered on the relevant fields can start the bonus round. Players who haven't done so can participate in the round, but you won't be able to win any prizes. By the way, at 24betting Monopoly is presented with bonuses from the gambling club.

What are the similarities with the table game?

The table game thematically repeats the second round. It does not copy the original, but it schematically repeats the famous game. Thus, there are the fields "Forward", "Chance", "Prison", "Public treasury" and many others. The main character in the bonus round remains Mr. Monopoly, whose actions are determined by the player. The goal in both versions of the game is the same - to get rich in the shortest possible time by getting the use of movable and immovable capital.

Monopoly Live is a good slot machine, which distinguishes it from a series of similar ones and is close to the cultural code of most cultures in the world. "Almost everyone in the developed world has known Monopoly since childhood, which is why they play it willingly in casinos. At 24betting Wikipedia confirms that the online version is every bit as good as the desktop original.

Of course, this fact in itself plays into the casino's hands, but in terms of loyalty to gamblers, the machine can also be classed as tolerable. You won't be able to lose the whole pot on it, at least, and a real process host will discourage outright cheating.